Allowing the Spirit to speak through the Scriptures

Recently at one of our Sunday Services, the Holy Spirit brought the need for our congregation to truly know what it is to read the Scriptures with the Holy Spirit’s rhema revealed. To go just beyond implementing principles, but actually diving into the daily bread for our lives. These are more than stories, principles, and words; they are prophetic patterns that we need to step into daily. Jesus did nothing without taking time to seek His Father and find out what the Father was showing for that time and hour. We therefore are inspired and encouraged to do the same as Christ. To take the Scriptures and apply them as our daily bread and allow the Holy Spirit to make them come alive. For without the Spirit breathing on the Word, it is dead!

There were five important steps that I shared with our congregation and members and would love to share with you to help you discover the Holy Spirit’s voice within the Scriptures for your every day.

Allowing the Spirit to Speak Through The Scriptures – Practical Steps:

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to open our understanding and let us see what Jesus is saying.

2. One thing, one aspect, and one thread.

3. Old and New Covenant thread — The new is in the Old Concealed; the Old is in the New Revealed!

4. Once you have the thread, ask the Lord how to apply it practically to your day and your life.

5. Remember what the Lord revealed during the course of the day when the challenges and tests come.

  • Nathan Kassas

    This is so helpful Pastor. Straight from the Holy Spirit!

  • Nathan Kassas

    Too Good Pastor T. Such helpful tools!!!!

  • Tim Byrnes

    This is great. The spin I get from this is that if you, the Christian, do not believe yourself or your life to be worthy to be compared with those in the Scripture, or you do not believe that God cares enough about you to move for you in the same way he moved for the saints in the Scripture, then you are greatly deceived about your identity and inheritance in Christ.

  • Jonathan Paredes

    Funny this is, before this past Sunday(when this concept was reviewed) I had this overwhelming feeling that my life was falling apart but coming together at the exact same time. I haven’t done the daily scriptures in months mind you. When I did the scriptures on Sunday night it literally answered my entire season in just 2 chapters. He showed me he’s making all things new and not to worry.

  • Danielle Jarvis

    I remember having the amazing privilege of learning how to interpret scripture from Ps Tony and Ps Rob when I was younger. It was pure gold. But this, this has polished that gold and made it shine more brilliantly than ever before!! Thank you soo much for sharing this vital tool for everyday salvation and a better, more productive ministry. Preach!!!