Our God is a fountain of creativity and a river of creation flows from Him to us. We have many gifted artists and talents here at TORCC NY and the whole purpose of this forum is to share, inspire, and give space for the creativity that Christ has put within us.

This insert comes from our Assistant Pastor – Sonia Jones. She has been going through a personal journey of discovering God as her protector, Father, and seeing that His correction is not rejection. She sent us this personal poem that the Lord deposited in her spirit and we believe that it will bless you immensely. Remember the Law brings death, but the Spirit brings life!

Be Blessed!



a prophetic poem by Sonia Jones

Breaking free, stepping into the sunshine
Seeing reality more than ever before
The fog has left, the confusion has lifted
You are here, Jesus I am yours

Whenever you move, it’s permanent
Whatever you do will stand
Anything that’s a counterfeit recedes from your hand

Darkness has no lasting grip
Dawn breaks through the night
Shadows cannot exceed the boundary of the sunlight

You are my boundary
Darkness has no hold on me
I no longer fear what I can’t see

You are the way
You keep the enemy at bay
Jesus I trust your boundary
Lead me into the deep

Take this fear
Take this hesitancy
For You are clarity

You are all
There is to know
Plant your dream in me

So your boundary becomes my liberty


  • Nathan Kassas

    Life Giving!!!!