Identify Her is a ministry specifically orchestrated to build each woman to stand confidently in the uniqueness of who she is by design.  There are many voices in our lives, telling us who we ought to be, what we ought to do, and how we should look to get the job, get the guy, get the life they say we should get.  These voices include our industries, our culture, our families, our churches, our friends, our foes, God and even ourselves!  No wonder so many of us feel lost, beaten down, conflicted and confused.  How can we be the woman we were created to be if we can’t identify who she is anymore?

Identify Her is an evening where an ongoing conversation has been opened of what it means to be a woman of God in today’s world.  Whether you are married or single, the Lord does not want you to hide or miss out on anything but to enjoy the abundance of the season you are in by allowing the calm, solid voice of the Lord to silence the din of confusion with His love and full acceptance of each of us where we are.  Through an evening of fun, fellowship, creative teachings and a variety of interactive activities (from hip hop to  body awareness to prayer) we continue the journey of unlocking the power of knowing the fullness of who you are in Christ: uniquely female, uniquely you.

The Details



7:30 – 10:30pm 

(Every 6 – 8 Weeks)

  •  Depending on the type of event or gathering, Identify Her can meet at multiple locations. Please contact our team for the most up to date details and information. 

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    Your identity and your worth is found in the reflection of the King!

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