If asked the question, “Who do you think the strongest man in the Bible is?”  I think many would answer ‘Samson’.  The sad truth is that Samson was possibly the weakest man of the Bible.  Why?  He was weak eyed and weak willed.  Although he demonstrated great strength in killing lions and defeating his enemies under incredible odds, his weaknesses far out weighed his strengths.

Firstly, let’s remove all our visions of Samson as some kind of a Arnie Swhartzinegger of Biblical proportions.  If Samson was cut like Arnie, then why were the Philistines so confused about his strength?   Why did they pay Delilah so much money to find what his secret was?  The answer was that he was not physically robust.  He was just a regular guy – not built like a Gridiron athlete or Rugby star.  He was regular ‘Joe’ and more like Seinfeld but with a punch!  Samson’s power was supernatural and only available if he kept the covenant of a Nazarite unto God.

Strength for the Christian man comes through Christlikeness.  It comes by keeping the covenant with God’s one and true Nazarite – Jesus the ‘Nazarine’ of eternity.  Jesus kept the charge of His heavenly Father even when it meant dying to do so.

Strength for the Christian man comes from spiritual authority.  It comes through mixing power with gentleness, knowledge with wisdom, judgment with mercy.

If we were to ask God who His strongest men are, would you consider yourself on that list?

Like most of us men we talk ourselves down, so Strengthen Him is about how to develop spiritual, mental and physical strength (as men we know that God has trusted us to be caretakers and lead with authority, but the greatest of these responsibilities is spiritual power!  Through His Excellency – the Lord Jesus Christ – our weak eyes and weak wills will become our strengths, as Christ enables us by His spirit to be made into Godly men after the Father’s heart.

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