The Need for the Prophetic


The Need for The Prophetic

It was during the reign of King Ahab, that his wife Jezebel, had ordered the slaughter of every one of the Lord’s prophets in an attempt to turn the nation of Israel completely over to Baal worship.   A God-fearing man who worked for the king whose name was Obadiah, had secretly hidden one hundred of the Lord’s prophets in two caves – fifty in each.  He had been sustaining and protecting them from Jezebel’s reach.  

In essence, Jezebel silenced the Word of the Lord to Israel as long as her murderous ways and threats kept these prophets too fearful to speak up.  It was at this time that God raised one of the most revered prophets of the Bible, to break the silence and the status quo.  His name was Elijah. 

Elijah defeated the four hundred prophets of Baal and four hundred and fifty prophets of Asherah atop of Mt. Carmel.  In one act of bold obedience and faith, Elijah turned the whole nation back to God.  This compelling victory encouraged the prophets in hiding to also come out of their caves and to declare God’s word again!

The spirit and power of Elijah is returning to the Church, just as it did with John the Baptist.  The spirit and power of Elijah is an anointing that restores, revives and realigns.  It makes rough places smooth, high places low, crooked places straight!  Because Elijah was a prophet, this anointing requires the work of New Testament prophets to aid in restoration.  Notably, the acceptance of prophets as essential fivefold ministers was the benchmark of such a work.  

The spirit of Elijah has come to the Church in the form of the prophets and the prophetic movement.  It is TORCC NYC’s objective to reveal this present truth and encourage those who feel they may be called as prophetic ministers to shake off any intimidation that the devil may have bound them in, and to come out of their ‘caves’ of obscurity and declare the words that God has given them.  

Jesus said, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things.” Matt.17:11

Until the modern Church has had every office, anointing, truth and manifestations of the Holy Spirit as depicted in the Book of Acts, and then multiplies these to the ‘greater works’ that Jesus promised, then our churches have work to do.  Are you being stirred to come out of your cave of obscurity and intimidation and start to be an instrument of restoration?

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