When God adds by taking away


“Hope is a positive frame of mind we have because our faith is in the presence and power of God.”

Dr Robyn Kassas

Sometimes, human beings are so used to being robbed of something we think any time something is held back or removed from our lives that we are being deprived.

It happens when we lose a loved one, when our relationships with the living change, when we move house, lose a job… you get the idea.

It also happens when we try to do something good in our own strength and God shuts it down. We feel robbed. We look at others who have what we wanted and we say, “How come they can have it and I can’t?” This perspective is fear. It is based on the premise that God does not want the best for us and he only wants to take. It is a thought process that stems from the lie that God desires sacrifice not mercy.

But our spirits witness to the truth that God does want the best. When we try to do something good in our own strength we are settling for second best. We are not letting Him do for us what we are unable to do.

You may be relating at this point and saying, “Yeah, that’s me! I do that! But how can I change?”

It’s simple. Talk to God, but more importantly LISTEN to God. There is always a reason that God gives and takes away.

I thought God was trying to completely remove something from me this week. But as I was listening to Counseled by God – Guilt to Hope, the rhema came. God was not removing so much as improving something. I was settling. I was reaching as far as I could but God can reach much further on my behalf. The only reason I saw it now, was after constant communication with the Holy Spirit.

God is a change agent. He cannot come into your life without changing it. Because only he sees the whole picture and we can trust him to work on our behalf.

“We are transformed when we look at Christ.”

Dr Robyn Kassas

By communicating with the Holy Spirit we get to know God. We understand his character. We learn to let go of our effort and let him work His Word, His Will and HIS WAY. We are actually robbing ourselves when we don’t give our desires back to him. He is able to do far more with them than we ever could


Be Blessed!



  • Nathan Kassas

    Powerful Words Bella! So honest and transparent.

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  • Virginia Pike

    So right on – hits the spot with me. Thanks for sharing that well-articulated word, Dani!

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    So well articulated! Simple truths are so DEEP!

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    So needed thank you!